I am a young man who was born with a sense of ethics and morality. I have always believed that it is important and even our duty to give back to our community. That urges me to make the most of any philanthropy chance coming my way. I was born in the port city of Alabama, Mobile. I grew up and learnt almost all I know in Dallas, TX. I was naturally drawn to technology and I delved even more into this realm when I moved to the Black mecca of tech cities; Atlanta. There, I cultivated my interest in technology when I worked in the technology industry within the business development segment for start-ups, for example, Riskalyze and Gocardless; in addition to established companies like Splunk.

I started Bray Media out of my love and passion to help underserved communities who are facing challenges of limited access to many vibrant realms and industries; especially the industry of technology. I have always noticed the financial and academic disparities between underserved communities and other communities. I have even experienced their feelings of isolation and exclusiveness as I am a young black transgender male who comes from and underserved community. My passion to serve the underserved one injected me with the zeal to create a web platform that aims at mending the profound divide between young minority business professionals and the workforce. I can easily put myself in the shoes of young people from these communities as I myself had no access to advancing career opportunities. Now, I have an insatiable desire to help these communities raise their educational awareness and help them reach where they can and deserve to be.

There is a direct correlation between the lack of mentorship internally and externally. That correlation pushed me to put at the disposal of minority business professionals the opportunity to learn industry competencies before diving into other skill sets. And what could be better than a comprehensive platform like Bray Media.

Bray Media is an extensive and effective platform for those who want to reach their fullest potential. It proudly acts as a hotspot for young minority business professionals and inspirational entrepreneurs looking to gain specific career skills. Bray Media does this by putting at the fingertips of seasoned business professionals a diversity-focused digital content that showcases a variety of professional growth skills and can be distributed and downloaded. To help Bray Media hit it big, we work with partners to accelerate learning, improve digital literacy, enhance college and career readiness, and promote economic mobility. Together, we are a catalyst for a passion-driven educational technology movement that prioritizes the needs of students and teachers. We are always ready to bring passion, integrity, and equality to everything we do for the sake of empowering those around us.

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